AR Monitoring System Dec1714

Problem Statement

With the advancement in technology the ability to simplify life has become easier. With the possibilities of AR, we can minimize the human labor and make the tracking/oversight of autonomous vehicles easier. The intention of this project is to design an augmented reality monitoring system that will be integrated into the cab of an autonomous tractor.


Remote Solution

  • Have a working gimbal that is controlled via a raspberry pi v3.
  • Stream video taken from a GoPro3 from the micrcontroller to the server.
  • Transmit GPS data to the server.
Hololens Application
  • Create a augmented reality application to visualize vehicles on a 3D map.
  • Display simplistic vehicle models on the 3D map.
  • Allow login via hololens application.
  • Authenticate connecting devices.
  • Handles and sets up all communication from gimbal setup and hololens.