AR Monitoring System Dec1714

Problem Statement

As society has grown the ability to use technology to simplify everyday-processes has likewise increased. With the use of Augmented Reality (AR) we can greatly improve the ability of companies to monitor vehicle operations at remote worksites. The intention of this project was to design an AR monitoring solution that would be integrated into the cab of a worksite vehicle such as a truck, bulldozer, or crane in order to monitor the usage of the vehicle. At the other end a user or users would use a Microsoft Hololens which would generate an aerial map view of the worksite displaying virtual 3D models of the worksite vehicles moving throughout the map in real time. The user would then be able to select any vehicle fitted with the monitoring hardware and access vehicle-specific diagnostic information. This would allow modifications to be made to improve the workflow and efficiency on the worksite.


Overall Objective

  • Provide a solution to remotely track and monitor worksites with vehicle activities
  • Give managers easy access to data relevant to each vehicle
    • Speed
    • RPM
    • Throttle
    • Location
  • Provide a remote solution that can be placed inside the cab of most vehicles
  • Create an application solution that displays a worksite in real-time
  • Receive CAN Bus data from server and display in GUI
  • Place realistic map on table
  • Display and update position and direction of vehicles in real-time
Raspberry Pi
  • Collect GPS data from GPS receiver
  • Collect basic CAN Bus data from the vehicle CAN Bus network
  • Transmit collected GPS and CAN Bus data to server
  • Receive incoming data from Raspberry PIs
  • Forward received data to HoloLens when requested